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Managing Expectations: Rice’s Bloomgren & Vanderbilt’s Mason

Guest Mike Bloomgren, Rice; Derek Mason, Vanderbilt
26:19 min watch


Head Football Coaches, Derek Mason of Vanderbilt, and Mike Bloomgren of Rice visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss managing expectations. The conversation centers around working at “high-academic” institutions and how to balance athletic and academic expectations. The pair also also reflect on their friendship, stemming from a shared experience as coordinators at Stanford.


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  • - How do you balance athletic expectations with academic expectations at a “high-academic” institution?
  • - How has the friendship between you two helped when adjusting to the head coaching role?
  • - On the importance of communicating expectations
  • - On balancing your Student-Athlete’s expectations of playing time, graduating, getting a job, and/or going to the NFL
  • - On getting students to focus on academics and athletics
  • - What made your respective institutions attractive to you when considering the Head Football Coaching job?
  • - On the expectations between you and the person you report to
  • - How have you been able to manage expectations to those outside of the program and athletics department?
  • - Do you believe there is an inherent advantage in coaching at your institution?