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Making More With Less: Morgan State’s Scott & DePauw’s Baker-Watson

Guest Ed Scott, Morgan State; Stevie Baker-Watson, DePauw; Jason Fein, Bates College
17:16 min watch


Athletics leaders, Ed Scott of Morgan State and Stevie Baker-Watson of DePauw join Jason Fein, of Bates College, on AthleticDirectorU to discuss work-life balance while leading a small staff. The trio discuss identifying professional fatigue, schedule flexibility, and advice to new leaders on life in the chair.



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  • - What aspects of work-life balance do you attribute to having a small staff?
  • - How do you identify professional fatigue within your staff and determine when to intervene?
  • - How do you assess the work-life environment when you start in a new position?
  • - How do you handle in-office schedule flexibility?
  • - How do you define work-life balance in the context of athletics?
  • - What advice would you give to new ADs on how to achieve their own version of work-life balance?
  • - How do you anticipate the unexpected as an AD?