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Leading From Behind: TCU’s Mike Sinquefield

Guest Mike Sinquefield, TCU
19:13 min watch


TCU Deputy Athletics Director, Mike Sinquefield, provides insight on his leadership style. Going from support positions such as Equipment Manager and Director of Football Operations, Sinquefield still sees himself as a leader who is on campus to support and serve coaches and Student-Athletes. He also goes into his process of helping current TCU AD Jeremiah Donati adjust to his role leading the department.


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  • - Give us your perspective on Internal Affairs?
  • - What is your style of leadership now that you are the Deputy AD?
  • - What were some of the challenges you faced as you transitioned from football operations to administration?
  • - How were you received when you made the transition to senior admin?
  • - What was your education process with regard to sport oversight and adding basketball to your responsibilities?
  • - On culture and the onboarding process
  • - 12:28 How have you dealt with diminishing interaction with Student-Athletes?
  • - On helping to onboard a new Athletics Director
  • - How do you learn how to do the things you need to do to be effective in your role?