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Leadership, Identity & Ambition With Rutgers’ Kate Hickey & Stanford’s Jacquelyn Kulgevich

Guest Kate Hickey, Rutgers; Jacquelyn Kulgevich, Stanford
21:38 min watch


Rutgers Deputy AD/SWA Kate Hickey and Stanford Deputy AD Jacquelyn Kulgevich join ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz at the 2023 Women Leaders Convention to dive into the topics of ambition and identity for senior athletics leaders. Hickey and Kulgevich reflect on their earliest days in the industry, serving the Southern Conference and University of Nebraska – Omaha, respectively, and the subsequent journey that led them to the Deputy AD role. Hickey discusses the challenge of innovating and aligning with new ADs during a long stop at a single institution while Kulgevich shares how her response to critical feedback continues to evolve throughout her career.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What does "ambition" mean and feel like to you?
  • - You're both senior leaders at your institutions today but let's flash back to your earliest days; Kate, when you were working at the SoCon, Jacquelyn, when you were starting at Nebraska Omaha. How did you think of success in those early days - what did it look like for you?
  • - What strategies did you tap into to stay organized when navigating all those different institutions at the conference office?
  • - Jacquelyn, what about your earliest days in the industry?
  • - How did you respond to critical feedback earlier in your career?
  • - What about you Kate?
  • - From a professional development perspective, what skills were you eager to learn early in your career compared to the skills you're eager to learn today? How has that evolved as you've grown in your career?
  • - What about you Jacquelyn?
  • - When you stay at one institution for a large portion of your career, how do you embrace innovation and evolution for yourself professionally and for your institution while also honoring tradition?
  • - How do you stay authentic to yourself while aligning with a new athletic director's vision?
  • - Jacquelyn, how do you try to innovate and advance yourself while also honoring the Stanford way?
  • - What aspects of being a Deputy AD really fit your personality and what do you still find challenging?
  • - Are you able to leave campus and take off your work persona or is it too integrated into who you are?
  • - What would the earliest version of athletic administrator Kate and Jacquelyn think about the journey and where you've ended up today?