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Leadership And Organizational Development With Illinois' Whitman

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Illinois Director of Athletics Josh Whitman sits down with AthleticDirectorU to discuss leading the Fighting Illini amidst all of the changes in college athletics, new facilities and their impact on the department’s unique value proposition, strategic tradeoffs and more. Whitman also touches on preparation for each day, athletic directors supporting athletic directors and the culture of the Illini.
The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).
  • - Across the Big Ten, are there conversations about sport sponsorship, especially as Illinois looks to add Men's Hockey?
  • - How did growing up in a college town, West Lafayette, IN, impact your future development?
  • - As an AD, who would you consider your customer?
  • - With the number of facilities projects you have completed and have scheduled, when do you sit down and rethink about your strategic plan moving forward?
  • - How do you address creating your unique value proposition when planning for future facilities?
  • - As a former Illini student-athlete, what drew you to Illinois? And how different is the decision-making process for today's student-athletes?
  • - With the plethora of issues facing college athletics, are there things that we are allowing people to do less so that we can be great in the new area?
  • - As a leader, how do you try not to be so focused on tomorrow that you don't execute at 100% today?
  • - What is your process to prepare for the various meetings and conversations you may have throughout a day?
  • - Would your student-athletes be able to describe the culture the way you or the people that work that you work with describe the culture at Illinois?
  • - How do athletic directors support other athletic directors?



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