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Laying The Foundation For A Strategic Plan: UIC’s Klassy

Guest Garrett Klassy, UIC
13:05 min watch


Garrett Klassy, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at University of Illinois at Chicago, visited ADU during his first few months on the job with the Flames. In this video, Klassy discusses the groundwork necessary to develop a strategic plan. The conversation covers areas such as meeting with influential campus constituencies, identifying a Unique Value Proposition, and communicating with staff at all levels. Klassy also touches on deciding which goals to prioritize and knowing when a plan has run its course.

  • - What comes before creating the strategic plan?
  • - Processing feedback from constituencies
  • - Do you develop communication lines with influential constituencies while interviewing for the job?
  • - How is your Unique Value Proposition specific to your institution?
  • - Selling your vision to front-line employees
  • - Communicating to different levels of staff and constituencies
  • - Measuring effectiveness of a strategic plan
  • - Deciding which goals are priority for a strategic plan
  • - Knowing when a plan has run its course
  • - Could a Unique Value Proposition change over time?