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The Athletic Director-Coach Partnership: Oakland’s Jeff Konya and Greg Kampe

Guest Jeff Konya (AD); Greg Kampe (MBB) - Oakland University
19:47 min watch


ADU visits with Oakland University’s Jeff Konya and Greg Kampe to discuss the synergy between coaches and athletic directors. Konya touches upon taking a job where the basketball coach has been in place for three decades and emphasizes trust through vulnerability, as well as treating the head coach as the CEO of each respective program. Kampe talks about communication, picking his battles, scheduling, accountability, and the perception of his program.

  • - Kampe: Maintaining consistency over three decades while working for different Athletic Directors
  • - Kampe discusses dealing with issues when he and the AD may see things differently
  • - Konya touches on his approach to a new position when a head coach has been in place for a long period of time
  • - Coach Kampe communicates what he thinks an AD needs to do to make sure head coaches are successful
  • - Holding each other accountable
  • - Succession planning thoughts