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Exclusive John Currie Interview: Leading With Integrity

Guest John Currie, Director of Athletics
7:12min watch


No one can deny the challenging headlines surrounding college athletics over the past 12 months. From the media spotlight to FBI investigations, athletic directors are facing new obstacles every day. In his first public interview since exiting Knoxville, former Kansas State and Tennessee athletics director John Currie sits down with AthleticDirectorU to discuss the importance of integrity, transparency and never compromising your values in today’s leadership climate.

  • - What is your leadership philosophy?
  • - Three key takeaways from Tennessee situation
  • - What have you learned about the personal side of being an Athletics Director?
  • - How are you going to better because of this experience?
  • - Have you developed a deeper level of empathy when you see leaders going through tough situation?
  • - What are the top things you’ve taken away from this for your career?
  • - Lesson learned about yourself through all this