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Intentionally Preparing For Leadership With UNCW’s Tiffany Tucker & Stanford’s Heather Owen

Guest Tiffany Tucker, UNC Wilmington; Heather Owen, Stanford
36:58 min watch


UNC Wilmington Deputy AD/SWA Tiffany Tucker and Stanford Deputy AD/SWA Heather M. Owen join ADU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2022 Women Leaders Convention to talk about the intentionality of preparing for a leadership role through self-evaluation, peer review, purposeful breaks and strategic thinking. Tucker reflects on her recent 360 review as part of the UNC System Executive Leadership Institute while Owen shares about her experience contributing to the department’s strategic planning process before the duo discusses how they identify and cultivate talent and how they’re preparing to lead in an evolving college athletics landscape.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What is your thought process when evaluating yourself as a leader? 
  • - Your comments about your recent 360 evaluation sound like those questions you get as a young administrator... those "Tell me about your weaknesses" questions, to which everyone always answers: "I work too hard."
  • - What did you do once you received the feedback from your evaluation?
  • - Heather, how do you approach evaluating yourself as a leader and incorporating the expectations you have for yourself?
  • - When did you begin to think strategically? Was there an event or person that helped you realize this was important for your career progress? How do you sharpen that skill?
  • - Heather, how did you approach your role as part of the department's strategic planning process?
  • - Tiffany, when did you start thinking strategically?
  • - How do you support your staff as they learn to think strategically?
  • - Heather, how do you help your team as they learn to think strategically?
  • - What have you done to prepare yourself for career opportunities?
  • - What is your process for identifying talent before hiring a new member of your team?
  • - Heather, what are your thoughts?
  • - Are women more likely to turn down opportunities to put themselves out there, via a podcast or on-camera interview? If so, why?
  • - How are you thinking about the future of the college athletics industry and preparing for a place within it?