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Inside The Mind Of An Athletics Director With Colgate’s Nicki Moore

Guest Nicki Moore, Colgate
17:46 min watch


Colgate University Vice President and Director of Athletics Nicki Moore joins AthleticDirectorU’s Tai Brown at the 2022 Women Leaders National Convention in Kansas City to examine what exactly goes on in the mind of an athletics director. Moore and Brown discuss ways to engage student-athletes in the process of developing more effective mental health resources, the importance of championing women and people of color in their pursuit of leadership positions, how to provide strategic thinking development to staff and more.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What is on your mind relative to what you bring to the world and what you bring to college athletics?
  • - Are there any seeds of creative solutions that you have thought about or discussed with colleagues?
  • - What are your thoughts as to where we are as an industry in terms of supporting women and people of color as they pursue leadership positions?
  • - You mentioned a message you heard recently [in church] about supporting friends; how are you thinking about that in the context of our industry?
  • - How do you continue to educate yourself on leadership? How do you put those concepts into action?
  • - Do you find yourself leaning into challenges more?
  • - How do you reflect on the things you learn in a day?
  • - How do you provide strategic thinking development for your staff?