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Identifying Your Boundaries For Success With EWU’s Catherine Walker & Wichita State’s Sarah Adams

Guest Catherine Walker, Eastern Washington; Sarah Adams, Wichita State
25:31 min watch


Eastern Washington Senior Associate AD/SWA Catherine Walker and Wichita State Senior Associate AD/SWA Sarah Adams joins ADU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2022 Women Leaders Convention to discuss time management, the evolution of leadership philosophy, burnout mitigation and the importance of boundaries when defining success. Walker and Adams reflect on the prioritization of tasks and duties when working at the senior associate athletic director level, walk through their decision-making processes and talk about how they manage the constant drive to do more in their role with the need for balance.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - As a senior leader in your department, how do you manage to do multiple tasks and take on multiple duties at a high level all of the time?
  • - When you're in a role that includes managing people, how do you prioritize your tasks and duties?
  • - Everything can't be important and urgent at the same time at all times; how do you navigate and prioritize your workload?
  • - When you're in a leadership role and expected to be "on," how do you manage exhaustion? How do you mitigate burnout?
  • - Do you ever think "I didn't handle that conversation or person in the best way"? 
  • - Catherine, how do you mitigate exhaustion?
  • - When in your career did you begin developing a "leadership philosophy" and where has it evolved to now?
  • - What about for you Sarah? 
  • - Give us more detail about how this philosophy has evolved for you.
  • - Hypothetically, how would you manage an assistant coach who wanted to be a head coach but was better suited to staying in a supporting role?
  • - How do you evaluate decisions - yours or others - when in a leadership role?
  • - Do you value having someone who comes in with a different opinion than you?
  • - Have you found yourself in a situation where you don't agree with the decisions being made by other staff members?
  • - Have you developed an evaluation process for decisions?
  • - How do you reflect on the decision-making process, especially when the ultimate decision is not one you would have chosen?
  • - Do you feel a constant drive to do more for the organization in your position?
  • - Sarah, how do you figure out if you're doing enough to help the organization be successful?
  • - What advice do you have for the young professionals who look up to you?
  • - What about you, Catherine?