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How To Develop A Leadership Philosophy With CMU’s Tangela Cheatham & Oklahoma’s Armani Dawkins

Guest Armani Dawkins, Oklahoma; Tangela Cheatham, Central Michigan
29:59 min watch


Central Michigan Deputy AD for Administration/SWA Tangela Cheatham and Oklahoma Deputy AD for Sports Administration Armani Dawkins sit down with NCAA Assistant Director of Leadership Development Sable Lee at the 2022 Women Leaders Convention for a conversation about their career journeys and how their various experiences led to the establishment of an individual leadership philosophy. Cheatham advocates for importance of professional development at all stages of a career, including tapping into industry resources like Women Leaders, NACDA and the NCAA, while Dawkins discusses establishing a personal “Board of Advisors” and having an intentional plan for networking at industry events.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Is there an experience, good or bad, that led to the development of your personal or professional values?
  • - What about your experience Tangela?
  • - Did you have an "A-ha" moment when you realized how you treat people or how you were treated by people shaped your leadership philosophy?
  • - How do you balance having a 50,000 ft. view of the department with paying attention to the details of the daily operations?
  • - How do you manage tasks that you never had to do in your career trajectory but now have oversight of?
  • - What resources have you discovered during the course of your career that have been the most beneficial for you?
  • - How has your leadership philosophy evolved throughout your career?
  • - How do you create buy-in from your team?
  • - How do you challenge the status quo?
  • - How have you helped your department navigate the topic of remote work?
  • - How do you ensure your staff is staying engaged and feeling valued in this era of high turnover across college athletics?