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How Coaches Can Empower Their Student-Athletes With Georgia Tech’s Pastner And Georgia State’s Lanier

Guest Josh Pastner, Georgia Tech; Rob Lanier, Georgia State
22:23 min watch


Georgia Tech Head Men’s Basketball Coach Josh Pastner and Georgia State’s Rob Lanier chat with AthleticDirectorU about how they are approaching changes brought about from the Alston case, NIL, student-athlete empowerment and will continue to approach the changing landscape.
The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).
  • - What have you been communicating to student-athletes about the various changes that have happened in the last few months?
  • - How are you selling recruits on NIL, opportunities in the city of Atlanta or changes as a result of the Alston ruling?
  • - How do you balance assisting your student-athletes and getting them opportunities with their content creation or NIL revenue generating activities?
  • - How has the wave of student-athlete empowerment impacted the way you coach?
  • - With everything that's happened and all the changes, what advice do you have for yourselves or for other coaches in industry on how to manage the next decade?