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Growing Your Career At A Single Institution With Montana’s Jean Gee & Wofford’s Elizabeth Rabb

Guest Jean Gee, Montana; Elizabeth Rabb, Wofford College
19:46 min watch


Montana Senior Associate AD/SWA Jean Gee and Wofford Deputy AD for External/SWA Elizabeth Rabb sit down with ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz at the 2023 NCAA Convention to discuss the value of staying at a single institution throughout their careers. Gee and Rabb share insight into working for a long-tenured athletic director, the evolution of sport supervision duties and how they keep touch points with student-athletes as their administrative responsibilities grow.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - A common thread between both of you is longevity at one institution - what has kept you at Montana and Wofford for so long?
  • - How has that stability helped you take risks as a leader?
  • - What's one area of responsibility that you're still curious to learn? What's one duty that's stayed consistent for you throughout your career trajectory?
  • - How do you purposefully maintain interaction and engagement with student-athletes as you've gained senior-level roles and responsibilities?
  • - When did you first get sport supervision duties?
  • - How did you learn the nuances of sports that you had no familiarity with?
  • - Has the nature of sports supervision changed as the landscape continues to evolve? What are your student-athletes most concerned with or occupied by these days?
  • - How have you felt supported as a woman in sports throughout your career?
  • - Is the SWA title outdated? Is it time to move on from that designation or is it still helpful for women in the industry?
  • - What advice would you give women starting out in this industry?
  • - What does balance really look like for you? How do you model that for your younger staff?
  • - How can we create a stronger sense of community across all Division I institutions?