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Grassroots Marketing: NCCU’s Wicker McCree & CofC’s Roberts

Guest Ingrid Wicker McCree, North Carolina Central; Matt Roberts, College of Charleston
14:01 min watch


College athletics leaders, Ingrid Wicker McCree of North Carolina Central and Matt Roberts of College of Charleston, visit with ADU to discuss the importance of leveraging the local community as a marketing asset. The pair address the challenge of attracting community constituents to their respective campuses in markets with a significant number of entertainment options. Wicker McCree and Roberts also discuss methods of measuring the impact of their local engagement efforts. The conversation goes on to cover social challenges and collaborating with those on campus outside of athletics to maximize exposure. The conversation is moderated by Trip Durham of 2D Consulting.


  • - How do you package your local community’s assets to add value to your campus?
  • - How do you prioritize your campus within an environment that has so many entertainment options?
  • - What was your approach to learning your local community?
  • - Is there a timeframe for you and your staff to engage with the community?
  • - What ways do you measure the effectiveness of engaging your local community?
  • - How do you decide whether or not to take a position on a social challenge in the community?
  • - Do you collaborate with people on campus outside of athletics to let the local community know they are welcome on campus?