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The Leadership Transition of Tennessee’s Phillip Fulmer

Guest Phillip Fulmer, University of Tennessee
17:10 min watch


Coach Phillip Fulmer, Vice Chancellor & Director of Athletics at the University of Tennessee, visits with AthleticDirectorU to discuss his transition to the AD chair. Fulmer details reasons for accepting the position and why he believes he can create a successful department culture in Knoxville. Fulmer goes on to analyze how his strengths as a leader have evolved over the years, along with the realities of facing new leadership challenges. The conversation wraps up with Fulmer outlining his focus of being a resource to the UT coaching staffs.


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  • - Involvement with childhood suicide prevention & Coach to Cure MD
  • - Purpose as a football coach
  • - Reasons for accepting the Tennessee AD position
  • - Commonalities in leading an athletic team vs. an entire athletics department
  • - The mindset transition from Head Coach to Athletics Director
  • - Have your strengths changed now that you are in the AD role?
  • - Methods of creating a successful culture in the department
  • - The process of engaging athletes from the Chair
  • - Being a resource for the coaches on staff