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External Mindset For Organizational Success With Eastern Michigan's Wetherbee

Guest Scott Wetherbee, Eastern Michigan
35:14 min watch


Eastern Michigan Vice President and Director of Athletics Scott Wetherbee chats with AthleticDirectorU about his approach to balancing revenue generation with budget cuts, evaluating coaches and staff, highlights throughout his four years leading the Eagles and more.
The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).
  • - What are some of the highlights from your four-year tenure at Eastern Michigan?
  • - How does the history of successful ADs affect your decision-making your leadership in the chair?
  • - How do you balance of influence of benefitting student-athletes with maximizing revenue generation when making decisions?
  • - In a world of budget cuts, how do your peers receive your revenue generation approach?
  • - What is your process in researching and hiring coaches?
  • - What is your research process for vetting and identifying candidates?
  • - How do you evaluate staff to bring to Eastern Michigan?
  • - How do you celebrate your staff throughout the year?
  • - What is your opinion on ADs leaving the industry?
  • - What are your thoughts on the future of college athletics?



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