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Excellence In Motion With Chicago State’s Monique Carroll

Guest Monique Carroll, Chicago State
19:00 min watch


Chicago State Vice President & Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Dr. Monique Carroll sits down with Baylor Deputy AD for External Affairs/Chief Revenue Officer Jovan Overshown at the 2023 Women Leaders Convention to discuss being an “agent for change” to further the University’s “Excellence In Motion” mission. Carroll explains what drew her to the Big Chair at Chicago State, why connecting with people is her superpower and what she’s learned about herself through leadership opportunities throughout her career. Carroll and Overshown also dive into the concepts of facilitating change through transparency, achieving buy in from campus partners and balancing perspectives when facing a challenge.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - This is not your first time in the Big Chair and you've had a breadth of experience throughout your career; what was it about this specific opportunity that made you think you could think this is the one where I could dig in and make a difference?
  • - Do you feel like you walked into ground "fertile for disruption" when you arrived at Chicago State?
  • - How do you figure out what is the one thing to go after? The one thing you can go after that can make a splash?
  • - How do you start to foster trust with a new staff when you go into a situation where you're going to be implementing changes?
  • - What is it about the addition or the consideration of football that you think is pivotal in this point in time and will pave the way for what's ahead?
  • - What are you looking forward to seeing further fleshed out as your tenure continues?
  • - How do you foster an environment of change when people are resistant to it?
  • - What attracted you to the Chicago State brand itself and what do you feel is the trajectory of it moving forward?
  • - As you approach different partnerships, different opportunities in the community, how do you ensure that the partners you're working with are ones that fit within the University's broader mission?
  • - What's one of the most challenging situations you've faced as a leader?
  • - How do you keep the dual focus of being the AD and being a campus leader as you approach the job day to day?