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Elevating Women In Sports With LEARFIELD’s Kim Damron & Paciolan’s Deana Barnes

Guest Deana Barnes, Paciolan; Kim Damron, LEARFIELD
21:17 min watch


Paciolan President Deana Barnes and LEARFIELD Sports Properties Division President Kim Damron sit down with ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz at the 2023 Women Leaders Convention to discuss mentorship, innovation and having it all as a working mother. Barnes and Damron share the story of their first meeting at Paciolan, which took place days before Barnes left on maternity leave to have her first child, and reflect on the value of authenticity and trust as both a leader and as a parent. Barnes and Damron discuss the importance of balance and boundaries as a high-achieving working parent and reflect on the moments when they realized it was possible to “do it all” as a woman in sports.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - These are new titles and new roles for both of you - what do these changes mean for Paciolan and LEARFIELD but also for women in sports and women seeking the highest roles in their organizations?
  • - Deana, you've been part of Paciolan since 2003 - what does this move mean to you?
  • - How do you champion innovation while remaining true to the culture and strong history at brands like Paciolan and LEARFIELD?
  • - How do you innovate yourselves as leaders while remaining authentic to who you are?
  • - 71% of Paciolan employees are female and/or minorities. Are there any specific strategies we can tap into to expand the talent pipeline in an effective way?
  • - Deana, when did you meet Kim during your time together at Paciolan? Kim, what did you see in Deana that made you want to take her under your wing?
  • - Kim, what was that connection from your perspective?
  • - How do you give or take critical feedback and then go back to being friends both in and outside the office?
  • - How do you develop trust in your team, that they'll get the work done to the standard you expect?
  • - Deana, what advice would you give a young professional about the value of networking and building relationships?
  • - What's the right balance of expectations and obligations between mentors and mentees to truly have an effective relationship?
  • - How do you navigate peer relationships while climbing the ladder?
  • - How have you had to navigate prejudices against moms in the workplace?
  • - If you don't work in a family-friendly environment, what are some small changes you can ask for or implement to make it a healthier situation?
  • - What are some ways you've integrated your children into your work?