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Driving Value With Montana’s Kent Haslam

Guest Kent Haslam, Montana
17:34 min watch


Montana AD Kent Haslam joined AthleticDirectorU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2022 NACDA Convention to discuss the Grizzlies unique value proposition, football’s financial impact, communicating the value of athletics to the university mission and more.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Sharing the Board of Regents with your rival, how does that push you to create the best unique value proposition for athletics and Montana student-athletes?
  • - What is the unique value proposition for Montana athletics?
  • - How is Montana's revenue generation and funding unique?
  • - Dig deeper on the fact that revenue generated from home football games outpaces buy game opportunities.
  • - With the importance of having fans in the stands, how do you continue to enhance the fan experience?
  • - When you took over as AD in 2012, how did you refine the mission of athletics?
  • - Did you emphasize the importance of education when taking over?
  • - Having had a number of provosts in your time as AD, how do you communicate to them the value of athletics to the academic mission?
  • - How have you overcome educating those who do not value athletics?
  • - How did you help onboard the current president, with respect to athletics?
  • - What have you learned from President Bodnar given his unique background?
  • - Earlier in your career, you worked as a translator for a Japanese baseball player and worked with the Olympics. What wisdom from that experience have you been able to pass along?