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Disrupting The Market With Playfly’s Christy Hedgpeth

Guest Christy Hedgpeth, Playfly
24:26 min watch


Playfly Sports Properties President Christy Hedgpeth joins ADU’s Tai M. Brown to share the unique value proposition for Playfly Sports within the intercollegiate athletics landscape and reflect on how her team is disrupting the status quo among multimedia rights holders in the industry. Hedgpeth: “We really believe that college sports is undervalued. Most athletic directors and their staffs believe that their brand is underdeveloped and that there’s an opportunity to really drive fandom.” Hedgpeth and Brown also discuss momentum for women’s sports and the potential for continued revenue generation in that market and how to cultivate culture within a dynamic organization as a new leader.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - You’re taking market share in an industry that has been dominated for awhile by one or two players; tell us about the process of coming into the organization, assessing the opportunities, and executing a plan to gain market share.
  • - What do you believe is the unique value proposition for Playfly?
  • - Are you executing the strategy that was in place or did you get hired to come in and create a strategy as things were progressing for Playfly coming out of the pandemic?
  • - What do you identify as the top two challenges for college athletics right now? How can those challenges become opportunities?
  • - Does Playfly see that gambling and its adjacent industry is something that could be a benefit to college athletics?
  • - To me, it sounds like this is an industry that exists that people are engaging in, so why not lean into that industry… are there other industries like this?
  • - What are your thoughts on women’s sports in general and, when it comes to monetization and women’s sports, is there a way to increase the momentum from events like the volleyball match at Nebraska? Does it need to be tied to a specific campus or is there an opportunity for it to be bigger than that?
  • - Were people and working with and leading teams a big part of your role prior to coming to Playfly? Or were you hired based on your skills around strategic thinking?
  • - What was the first thing you did to emphasize culture when you arrived 2.5 years ago?
  • - If you could think 10 years down the line, where do you see Playfly? Where do you see multimedia rights in college athletics?