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The Digital Ticketing Revolution With Ticketmaster’s Justin Burleigh

Guest Justin Burleigh, Ticketmaster
23:21 min watch


Justin Burleigh, Chief Product Officer at Ticketmaster, talks about the company’s new digital ticketing product, Presence. With the primary benefit of tying tickets to a person or device, athletic departments can now understand who is in their respective venues and what those patrons want to experience when attending events. Burleigh also discusses some of the new products that Ticketmaster is releasing and how the company can provide input into event facilities renovation and construction.


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  • - What have you seen in the ticket space during your time with Ticketmaster?
  • - Why digital and why digital now?
  • - How did Presence come about?
  • - How is the application of Presence beneficial to understanding what is happening at college athletic events?
  • - Can athletics departments build a profile on individual attendees with Ticketmaster?
  • - On fan identity on a deeper level relative to future trends
  • - What gets people in your industry fired up about college athletics?
  • - What are some new things coming from Ticketmaster?
  • - How do you stay grounded in improving the current products and experience for your customers?
  • - What new ideas are you personally looking forward to?
  • - What is a data point that you look at to gauge the effectiveness?
  • - How can Ticketmaster add value to a conversation about building new or renovating facilities?
  • - What is a macro trend that you consider interesting?