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Developing Your Staff: Glenn Caruso, Mark Farley, Lance Leipold, And Kevin Sumlin

Guest Glenn Caruso, St. Thomas (MN); Kevin Sumlin, Arizona; Lance Leipold, Buffalo; Mark Farley, Northern Iowa; Josh Hoeg, Stevenson University
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AthleticDirectorU presents a football head coaches roundtable focused on the topic of staff development. Head coaches Kevin Sumlin of Arizona, Glenn Caruso of University of St. Thomas (MN), Lance Leipold of Buffalo, and Mark Farley of Northern Iowa join Josh Hoeg, Offensive Coordinator at Stevenson University, to discuss the nuances of leading a football program, while simultaneously developing those who are being led. The insights provided go far beyond coaching football.


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  • - Why is it important to build a sense of commitment with new employees and how have you done that?
  • - How do you ensure those working for you are committed to the good of the organization as opposed to just collecting a paycheck?
  • - Have you found it difficult to give up responsibilities that may have been second nature throughout your career?
  • - What are the attributes of an exceptional assistant coach?
  • - How does a family atmosphere fit when hiring assistant coaches?
  • - How do you manage the different levels of leadership maturity on your staff?
  • - How do you evaluate someone's leadership growth and whether or not they are ready for more responsibility?