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Developing Your Leadership Philosophy With Bowling Green State’s Stacy Kosciak

Guest Stacy Kosciak, Bowling Green State
15:55 min watch


Bowling Green State Deputy AD/SWA/Deputy Title IX Coordinator Stacy Kosciak sits down with ADU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2023 Women Leaders Convention to dive into the development of an individual leadership philosophy as part of the journey to the Big Chair. Kosciak, who has worked under four ADs and learned to navigate a variety of executive communication styles, reflects on how she’s used each specific experience to build out her own playbook. Kosciak and Brown also discuss the importance of evaluating wins, prioritizing responsibilities and duties and establishing alignment from the Deputy AD position.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - We talk about titles but titles don't tell us what you actually do. What would you consider your primary responsibility?
  • - What would be the formal top priority that you'd be evaluated on?
  • - You were previously at UNC Greensboro before getting the opportunity to come to Bowling Green... and just as you take the opportunity, the pandemic hits. How long did it take you to meet your new co-workers and staff in person?
  • - Tell us about the process of learning a new AD over the last year after coming to BGSU under a long-tenured AD who had set the previous values and culture. Was there a point when you felt like you had established alignment with the new AD?
  • - Have there been awkward moments with a new AD where you realize, a bit too late, something that they expected you to do or handle differently than you did?
  • - At what point in your career did you start developing and thinking about how your leadership philosophy will evolve once you're in the big chair?
  • - What is your process for gathering and processing information before making an educated and informed decision or suggestion?
  • - How do you evaluate wins to determine what got you there and how you can repeat it?