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Developing An Authentic Brand With Cal’s Markeisha Everett

Guest Markeisha Everett
26:12 min watch


“Who are we and are the things that we are employing in line with that?”

Cal Senior Associate AD/Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Markeisha Everett sits down with ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz at the 2024 PACnet Conference to dive into the evolution of the Cal Athletics brand in the wake of major conference realignment moves. Among the long-tail impacts include shifts in strategic thinking around marketing and promotion efforts to both hometown audiences and new demographics across the ACC footprint; reevaluating revenue models; and implementing changes to the premium fan experience. Everett also shares insight into her creative process, how she evaluates career opportunities, and the importance of communication and vulnerability for leaders.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - There's a tectonic shift happening for Cal Athletics right now, with an imminent move from the Pac-12 to the ACC. How have you and your team had to shift your thinking about the Cal brand?
  • - How have you used conference realignment as an internal pivot point for your long-term strategic plan regarding the Cal brand and marketing efforts?
  • - When it comes to growth, the main question is always: "How do we evolve and push the boundaries while staying true to our core?"
  • - One of your priorities when you arrived at Cal two years ago was to staff up - where are we in that process and in your long-range vision for the department? What puzzle pieces are you still looking for?
  • - What are your methods for spurring your team into action mode when they're stuck in the whiteboard, ideation process for too long? 
  • - Where did this healthy embrace of risk-taking come from for you?
  • - You've been part of some big brands throughout your career. Tell me about your evaluation process when a new opportunity presents itself. How do you hit the ground running when you land in a totally new environment, institutional profile and community?
  • - Did you ever have a situation where you were pursuing a job opportunity but as you learned more about the institution and its needs, you realized you weren't the right fit?
  • - When did you establish your core values? How do you continuously reevaluate them? What are they?
  • - What role does vulnerability play in your leadership style?
  • - How do you refresh your creativity?
  • - We talked about having the personal phone and the work phone - how do you get the confidence to set boundaries and have moments where you truly put the work phone away?
  • - What is the tagline for Markeisha Everett, the brand?