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Delivering On A Vision With Cleveland State’s Scott Garrett

Guest Scott Garrett, Cleveland State
14:31 min watch


Cleveland State Vice President & Director of Athletics Scott Garrett joins ADU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2023 NACDA Convention to reflect on a year in which the Vikings experienced “maximum achievement” and share insight into how he prepared the institution for success. Garrett emphasizes the importance of a shared vision across the university and how his department— including administrators, coaches, support staff and student-athletes— operates with a “me not we” mindset and service-oriented mission. Garrett sums up the paradox of achieving consistent success with a quote from a mentor: “Yesterday’s records are tomorrow’s expectations.”

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  • - You just had a great year at Cleveland State - were you able to see that before and plan because you anticipated it was going to click this year?
  • - It's interesting that everyone on campus involved in the student-athlete experience arrived at the same thought, that something special is about to happen here. Is that something you've seen before in your 20 years in college athletics?
  • - Tell me about the process of preparing for success.
  • - What changes in terms of preparation when you expect success? When you've started experiencing consistent wins, how do you prepare for that new level of expectation?
  • - When you're successful, do you dissect the wins?