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Data-Driven Strategic Planning With UNC Asheville & Huron

Guest Janet R. Cone, UNC Asheville; Kevin White, Duke; Tim Walsh, Huron
20:41 min watch


UNC Asheville Director of Athletics Janet R. Cone, Huron Managing Director Tim Walsh and Huron advisor and Duke Vice President and Director of Athletics Emeritus Kevin White join ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz at the 2023 NACDA Convention to discuss using data to tell the story and shape the future of Bulldogs Athletics. According to Cone, the resulting strategic plan, “Dream Bigger. Achieve More.,” is a living document – one sent to her via editable Word document rather than a PDF. Tapping into Huron’s outcome-drive models has allowed Cone and her team to provide both internal stakeholders, such as the university’s Board of Trustees, and external contributors, such as major donors, with data indicating the level of investment necessary for sustained department-wide success.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Janet, why did you decide to partner with Huron to kick off the strategic planning process for your department?
  • - Tim, tell us the story of the creation of this relationship from your perspective.
  • - Kevin, why is it invaluable to have this kind of alignment between campus and athletics during the strategic planning process?
  • - Why was this self-assessment, assisted by Huron, necessary at the time you began this relationship?
  • - How has data changed the game for the strategic planning process?
  • - What types of analysis did the Huron team conduct?
  • - Did anything about the gap analysis surprise you, your team or your constituents?
  • - The plan is the "Dream Bigger. Achieve More." strategic plan - what does this plan mean for the Bulldogs?
  • - What was the process for transitioning from the gap analysis to the strategic plan?
  • - How did you achieve buy-in from your team after receiving Huron's gap analysis and related data?
  • - Kevin, what was it like for you to be part of Huron's team, supporting Janet and the Bulldogs through this process?
  • - Sum it up: how did this collaboration with Huron provide value for your athletic department?