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Effective Conference Communications: CAA’s D’Antonio & Hofstra’s Hathaway

Guest Joe D'Antonio - CAA ; Jeff Hathaway - Hofstra University
21:13 min watch
  • - Communication strategies for different constituencies
  • - Effective onboarding new presidents to the athletic mission of the conference
  • - Strategically presenting information to the president
  • - Meeting with the university board of trustees
  • - Prioritizing agenda items for conference presidents' meeting
  • - Description of an ideal CEO/president/chancellor
  • - Dynamics effecting the tenures of presidents & athletic directors

Efficient communication and consensus building between a conference commissioner, athletics directors, and university presidents involves an intricate balance of strategy and creativity. ADU visits with Colonial Athletic Association commissioner, Joe D’Antonio, and Hofstra University AD, Jeff Hathaway to discuss effective methods for successful communication dynamics within their league.