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Creating Value Through Athletics With LSU’s Scott Woodward

Guest Scott Woodward, LSU
16:04 min watch


LSU Director of Athletics Scott Woodward sits down with ADU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2023 Women Leaders Convention to consider the overlapping definitions of “consumer” versus “customer” in the context of Athletics and how Athletics creates value for the broader academic mission of an institution. Woodward also discusses the transformational impact of higher education, especially for football student-athletes; his experience working on campus and how it instilled in him a love for academics; and how his philosophy on staff development is centered on the concept of “doing the right thing.”

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Let’s think about the overlap between the definition of “customer” and “consumer” in the context of what we do via Athletics within Higher Education. Tell me your thought process on who you believe the customer is and why you believe that.
  • - You think about bringing value to a consumer - so you’re the organization that has to figure out how to create that value. What is the process of thinking about creating value from your perspective as AD?
  • - When were your eyes opened to this overlap of customers versus consumers? Tell me about the process of onboarding new coaches, new staff members, into your understanding of that overlap throughout your career.
  • - Have you defined what the right thing is so that you can point them to that North Star?
  • - Tell me about your experiences working on campus and why Athletics was something you ultimately wanted to be involved in.
  • - You were Vice President of External Affairs at Washington; where was that overlap with Athletics?
  • - How do you emphasize the value of academics to student-athletes, especially Football players?
  • - What is your philosophy on staff development and leadership development of those around you?
  • - So what you’re saying is that when it comes to developing student-athletes, the key is to expose them folks who are applying learned skills in fields related to or unrelated to athletics.
  • - Tell me about your process for helping the staff around you become better leaders.