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Creating A Successful Environment As Deputy AD With Brown’s Shoshanna Engel Lewis & Colgate’s Juliana Smith

Guest Shoshanna Engel Lewis, Brown; Juliana Smith, Colgate
26:49 min watch


Brown Assistant Vice President for Athletics and Recreation Shoshanna Engel Lewis and Colgate Deputy AD/SWA Juliana Smith join LSU Assistant AD for Sport Psychology and Counseling Lakeitha Poole to discuss the various ways they champion success from their senior level positions. Engel Lewis shares four factors she uses to impact decision-making (authenticity, empathy, transparency and integrity) and explains her role in creating an “inclusive environment of belonging” at Brown while Smith discusses the importance of mental health and wellness for student-athletes as well as administrators, coaches and staff.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What are some factors that have impacted the personal and professional decisions you've had to make throughout your career?
  • - How do you avoid the exhaustion that comes with constantly being "on" as a leader?
  • - What methods do you use to keep yourself and your departments accountable for implementing change related to DEI issues?
  • - What specific skills have you taken from the ADs you've worked with throughout your career?
  • - How do you form connections with student-athletes from your role as a Deputy AD?
  • - How does Colgate Athletics feel the impact of (then-) AD Nicki Moore's focus on mental health and wellness?
  • - At Brown, AD Grace Calhoun has prioritized student-athlete health and well-being - what does that look like to create a successful and healthy environment?