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Consistency as an Asset: South Dakota State’s Stiegelmeier & Middle Tennessee State’s Stockstill

Guest John Stiegelmeier, South Dakota State; Rick Stockstill, Middle Tennessee State; Glenn Caruso, University of St. Thomas
23:21 min watch


Longtime Head Football Coaches, John Stiegelmeier of South Dakota State and Rick Stockstill of Middle Tennessee State, discuss how consistency has become a key asset in their respective programs. Both coaches touch on avoiding complacency, staying relevant, and balancing new ideas within a consistent culture. Glenn Caruso, Head Football Coach at University of St. Thomas moderates the discussion.


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  • - How have you used consistency as an asset at your respective institutions?
  • - Was there a moment where you looked back on your career and decided that you wanted to be the consistency at your school?
  • - How do find the balance of consistency without becoming complacent?
  • - What do you do to make sure your Student-Athletes stay process oriented?
  • - How do you stay relevant while maintaining consistency?
  • - How do you know when to make a change in the culture of the program?
  • - In terms of consistency, what do you look for in assistant coaches?
  • - How do you balance new ideas from staff with your consistent way of doing things?