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Conscientious Leadership With Central Michigan’s Amy Folan

Guest Amy Folan, Central Michigan
16:12 min watch


Central Michigan Zyzelewski Family Associate Vice President/Director of Athletics Amy Folan joins ADU’s Tai M. Brown to discuss several tenets of her conscientious leadership style, which includes tracking current events and thinking globally in an effort to provide the best resources for staff and student-athletes. Folan credits her blue collar work ethic as a stabilizing force throughout her career trajectory, shares her methods for empowering staff to take on leadership roles and talks about the importance of tapping into diverse talent when building a team.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What are you bringing from your long tenure at the University of Texas to Year 3 in the Big Chair at Central Michigan?
  • - There must be a big difference between Texas and Michigan...
  • - What's on your mind outside of college athletics?
  • - Do you read the news with the mindset of "How will this affect us at Central Michigan?"
  • - How do you process multiple options when making decisions from the AD chair? 
  • - Do you recall a moment when you had to stand in front of your team and acknowledge you made a mistake?
  • - How do you empower your staff to take on leadership positions?
  • - How does creativity fit into your leadership style?
  • - What is one thing you're really good at but have to delegate now due to the priorities you have as an AD?
  • - How do you balance your desire to do whatever tasks needs to be done with the public-facing nature of being an AD?
  • - What aspect of leadership has been present in all the roles you've held throughout your career?