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Loving The Lifestyle: Indiana State’s Clinkscales & Stony Brook’s Heilbron

Guest Sherard Clinkscales, Indiana State; Shawn Heilbron, Stony Brook
12:17 min watch


Sherard Clinkscales, AD at Indiana State, and Shawn Heilbron, AD at Stony Brook, visited with AthleticDirectorU to discuss loving the lifestyle of leadership in college athletics. The two leaders touch on some challenges of the profession, such as work-life balance and reconciling with Student-Athletes after a coach leaves. Both also cover the importance of a family atmosphere and sincerity as ingredients for a successful culture in college athletics. The 12-minute video is annotated for efficient consumption.

  • - Loving what you do as an AD
  • - Facing the challenges of the profession
  • - Helping staff with work/life balance
  • - Reconciling with Student-Athletes after coaching changes
  • - Lessons for Student-Athletes through adversity
  • - Relationships with Student-Athletes
  • - What keeps you tied to loving what you do