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Mapping Your Career: Duke’s Kevin White

Guest Kevin White, Duke
18:19 min watch


Duke Athletics Director, Kevin White, chats with AthleticDirectorU about career development and his track record of producing ADs. White points to leadership and political acumen as two of the most important skills necessary to run an athletic department. During a reflective moment, White also expresses his appreciation for the long list of administrators who have come under his leadership and added to his own knowledge base.


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  • - How do you advise someone who has an inaccurate view of their readiness to be an AD?
  • - What attributes does an advancing administrator need before they are ready to be an AD?
  • - How does someone display political acumen in roles that don't inherently require such a skill set?
  • - Has college athletics over emphasized the ability to raise money as a leadership skill?
  • - When an administrator is ready for more responsibility, how do you work through getting him or her more opportunities?
  • - What were some of the inflection points in your career that you now see were critical to where you are today?