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Building Relationships As A Sport Supervisor With Long Beach State’s Andy Fee

Guest Andy Fee, Long Beach State
21:01 min watch


Long Beach State Executive Director of Athletics Andy Fee joins AthleticDirectorU’s Tai Brown to dig in on the sport supervisor relationship, how he empowers his sport administrators to be successful, how those individuals are involved in key decision-making processes and the communication between coach, administrator and AD.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - With both internal and external experiences, how do you allow people to do their jobs?
  • - Early in your tenure, what did you do to empower your staff and not micromanage?
  • - How do you support new coaches and staff?
  • - How do you help internal staff balance the detailed nature of their jobs and sport supervision?
  • - How involved do you recommend your sport administrators be?
  • - Are your sport supervisors involved in the coach hiring process?
  • - How do you advise sport supervisors to approach and have tough conversations with coaches?
  • - Do you receive feedback from coaches?
  • - What is your process for sport supervisors bringing a coach's needs and wants to you?
  • - How involved are sport supervisors and coaches when raising money for a specific sport, facility or purpose?