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Building Conference-Wide Consensus With The ACC’s Matt Burgemeister & The MAAC’s Jessica Grasso

Guest Matt Burgemeister, ACC; Jessica Grasso, MAAC
19:49 min watch


WIAC Commissioner Danielle Harris sits down with ACC Associate Commissioner Matt Burgemeister and MAAC Deputy Commissioner Jessica Grasso at the 2024 NCAA Convention for a conversation about creating conference-wide consensus across stakeholder groups, engaging SAAC and including student-athletes in the governance process and building a robust pipeline of the next generation of conference leaders.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What is the governance process for your conference when it comes to developing policies and procedures?
  • - How do you build consensus amongst your various stakeholders when it comes to policy development and changing bylaws or sport operating codes?
  • - What do you do to make the championship experience unique for student-athletes?
  • - How do you engage your SAAC at the conference office level? do you incorporate the student-athlete voice into your governance structure? 
  • - How do we support the next set of Deputy Commissioners and Associate Commissioners to ensure there's a pipeline and encourage administrators to work at the conference level? 
  • - How did your experience on campus impact your work in the conference office?