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Bringing Business Acumen To Athletics With Temple’s Derek Horne

Guest Derek Horne, Temple
19:51 min watch


Temple Executive Senior Associate AD and multi-stop AD Derek Horne sits down with ADU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2024 NCAA Convention to reflect on the changing industry, share insight on navigating presidential transitions and discuss the strategic planning process. During his 15 years at Ole Miss, Horne observed an evolution of the industry that included Title IX and equity considerations, the facilities arms race and an escalation of fundraising; Horne took those learnings into his subsequent stops as an AD, noting that despite the disparity in resources across Division I institutions, all athletics leaders are tasked with leveraging said resources toward student-athlete success and wellbeing. As for navigating a presidential transition, Horne’s advice to ADs is simple: “Remain relevant.”

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - You were a basketball student-athlete at Mississippi; did you play and then go off and do something different before coming back to athletics?
  • - How long into your eight years working in the transportation industry did you feel that call back to athletics?
  • - What did you take from your time back at Mississippi as an administrator?
  • - You saw so much evolution in the industry during your 15 years at Ole Miss - what did that do for you as a leader?
  • - You went on to serve as AD at two Division I institutions - how did you view the industry from your perspective in the Big Chair?
  • - While you were at Alcorn, you went through two presidents?
  • - What advice do you give to Temple AD Arthur Johnson regarding the transition of presidents?
  • - Why do you think Arthur brought you in when he became AD at Temple?
  • - In terms of being strategic with Athletics, what do you like most about Temple?
  • - In your time at Temple, has there been a decision that you felt like was instrumental that you advised the AD on?
  • - Is there an aspect of the strategic planning process you can share?
  • - Were there pre-existing values that the student-athletes felt could be changed to fit the institution better?
  • - What are the first steps to implementing a new vision and values?
  • - At what point in your career did you participate in what's now known as the NCAA's Pathways Program and how did that change the way you lead people?
  • - What advice do you give your staff today in terms of their own professional and leadership development?
  • - What are your thoughts on the definition of passion?