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Executive Cabinet Communication: Virginia Tech’s Babcock & Kansas State’s Taylor

Guest Whit Babcock, Va. Tech; Gene Taylor, Kansas State
15:02 min watch


Whit Babcock of Virginia Tech and Gene Taylor of Kansas State sat down with AthleticDirectorU to discuss executive cabinet meetings, presidential communication and building relationships with key campus administrators and departments throughout the institution.


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  • - How do executive cabinet meetings function on your campus?
  • - How do you retain the information presented in the meetings?
  • - Learning who the key players are on campus
  • - Where were you in your career when you realized how important it is to have relationships with a variety of leaders on campus?
  • - What is your President’s communication style?
  • - How do you deal with a peer on campus who may not be fully supportive of athletics?
  • - What are specific roles on campus aspiring ADs should get to know?
  • - Does the type of school - public/private, size of market, enrollment, etc. - matter when getting to know key players on campus?
  • - Key takeaways for the next generation of ADs