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Articulating Your Why With Kent State’s Randale Richmond

Guest Randale L. Richmond, Kent State
14:42 min watch


“What have the breadcrumbs of my life been telling me this whole time?” That’s Kent State Director of Athletics Randale L. Richmond, who joins ADU’s Tai M. Brown to break down his journey developing a personal value system that informed his professional purpose. By following life’s “breadcrumbs,” Richmond found ways to combine his principles, values and experiences for a single purpose: being a “transformational leader who has a positive impact on people’s lives.” Richmond shares his experience with participating in the NCAA’s Dr. Charles Whitcomb Leadership Institute and how he supports young professionals in their search for their own “why.”

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What are your thoughts on establishing core values?
  • - How do you help new staff and young professionals establish their own core values?
  • - When you did establish your personal values, did you analyze past actions to the impact of those values before you had defined them?
  • - How did these values show up in your interviews to become the AD at Kent State?
  • - At what point did you find your purpose meshed with your professional purpose?
  • - How do you think people can do their own self work?