Leading In Uncharted Territory

Athletic administrators across the country have joined the rest of the world in confronting the unprecedented threat of coronavirus, which has unapologetically disrupted the wonderfully predictable rhythm of the academic year in ways none of us could ever have expected. Many of us had been monitoring the virus’s initial outbreak in Wuhan since mid-January, yet

Giving And Receiving Feedback As A Leader: Monmouth’s McNeil and Grand Canyon’s Boggs

    Full Transcript   Jason Belzer (ADU): I’m Jason Belzer for Athletic Director U and today, we’re at the Women Leaders in College Sports Conference. I am joined by Marilyn McNeil from Monmouth University and Jamie Boggs from Grand Canyon University. Thank you, ladies, for joining me.   We’re going to discuss giving and

Does Gender Matter In Coaching? Oregon State’s Chatterton, Drury’s Miller, and UNCW’s Martin

    Full Transcript   Katy Young Staudt: Good morning. We are here with three excellent women’s basketball coaches just to talk just some hot topics around the country right now and all the conferences and little bit different experiences for each of these three individuals. I’m going to let them just introduce themselves and

Retention, Growth, & Employee Burnout: Elon’s Blank & George Mason’s Edwards

In this episode of From the Chair, host Mike Hamilton speaks with Joe Hamilton, Director of Athletics at Colorado State University. Hamilton talks about the benefit of having a new on-campus stadium. CSU decided to build on-campus as opposed to renovating the existing stadium which was located four miles off-campus. Hamilton discusses how this decision and execution has brought a new energy on campus. The conversation also touches on his leadership influences, the importance of detaching every once in while, and who he follows on Twitter.

Successful Constituent Management: A-10’s McGlade, CIAA’s McWilliams, And George Washington’s Vogel

    Full Transcript   Jason Belzer: I’m Jason Belzer for AthleticDirectorU and today we are at the Women Leaders in College Sports Conference. And I am joined by CIAA Commissioner, Jacqie McWilliams; Atlantic 10 Commissioner, Bernadette McGlade; and George Washington University Athletics Director Tanya Vogel, thank you for joining me today, ladies.   Bernadette

Operational Dynamics Behind Baseball & Softball Programs: UCLA’s Walker & Vanderbilt’s Webb