The Development Position: Boston College’s Ellison Stewart & Oklahoma’s Selmon

    Full Transcript   In college athletics one of the most important positions with regard to resources for an athletics department is the development position. In this video, Athletic Director U presents insights on working and development from two experienced industry professionals.   Zac Selmon is the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Administration and

Fundraising: Cultivating & Communicating

Jeff Van Gundy, TV analyst and former NBA head Coach, talks about the leadership lessons he learned from different players and coaches during his coaching career. He addresses the intricacies of working in the NBA and the dynamics between players, coaches, administration, etc. Coach Van Gundy talks in depth about the leadership style of Pat Riley and the impact it had on his career.

Understanding Development & Donor Cultivation: ECU’s Compher & UNT’s Baker

ADU visits with Anton Goff of St. John's, and Lenny Kaplan, of NJIT about developing a fan base in crowded markets such as New York and New Jersey.

Fundraising Strategy: Cultivating Relationships With Current Students

Research has shown that donors who feel attached to an institution through their experiences as a student, both through academic and athletic, are willing to donate more often and over a longer period of time. The information presented in this article identifies three types of donors and their potential for giving. The question that is essentially being answered is, when does cultivation actually begin?

Leading Amid Change: Alabama’s Greg Byrne and Illinois’ Josh Whitman

Athletic Directors Greg Byrne (Alabama) and Josh Whitman (Illinois), sit down with ADU to discuss staying abreast to the ever changing landscape of intercollegiate athletics and the variety of stakeholders who depend on its success. Byrne and Whitman touch on the challenges of focusing on (and executing) a strategic plan, while trying not to get caught up in day-to-day operations. People, communication, organization are just a few of the key components necessary to lead while keeping an ear to the ground for changes in the future.

Athletic Director In Residence: Barry Alvarez – Wisconsin

Barry Alvarez, Director of Athletics at Wisconsin, discusses empowering each sport administrator with the responsibility of having a "short list" of viable and qualified candidates in the case of head coaching vacancy. On the topic of the communicating with staff, Coach Alvarez talks about the importance of every role on staff and communicating his expectations in a clear and direct manner, just as he did when he was leading the Badgers’ football program. Additional topics covered include recruiting, an AD’s relationship with his/her President/Chancellor, leadership styles, staff evaluation and advancement, the future of the industry and mor