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Unique Value Proposition: Eastern Illinois’ Michael & Austin Peay’s Ivey

Guest Tom Michael - Eastern Illinois University; Ryan Ivey - Austin Peay State University
15:04 min watch

ADU visits with Ryan Ivey (Austin Peay) and Tom Michael (Eastern Illinois) to discuss the process of creating a unique value proposition. The two discuss what it is they do to differentiate their respective institutions from those within their conference and essentially, everyone else in the nation.


Villanova’s Mark Jackson On The Four F’s Of Leadership

Mark Jackson, AD at Villanova, discusses his Four F’s of Leadership. Family, Faith, Friendships, and having Fun are the drivers that keep Jackson motivated in his role as a leader. He suggests to those coming up in the sports industry or any industry to take time to figure out themselves through self discovery. Jackson also touches on making decisions, and handling annual reviews. The leadership lessons in this brief video are abundant.

Leading Amid Change: Alabama’s Greg Byrne and Illinois’ Josh Whitman

Athletic Directors Greg Byrne (Alabama) and Josh Whitman (Illinois), sit down with ADU to discuss staying abreast to the ever changing landscape of intercollegiate athletics and the variety of stakeholders who depend on its success. Byrne and Whitman touch on the challenges of focusing on (and executing) a strategic plan, while trying not to get caught up in day-to-day operations. People, communication, organization are just a few of the key components necessary to lead while keeping an ear to the ground for changes in the future.

Issues Of Race In College Athletics

Dr. Leonard Moore, Vice President of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at the University of Texas, reviews the challenging, yet necessary conversation about race in college athletics. Addressing issues ranging from the lack of diversity of senior administrative leaders to the process of recruiting and post-graduation outcomes, Moore provides insight on a perspective of college athletics rarely publicly discussed.