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Tackling The Work-Life Balance Gap With New Orleans’ Tim Duncan

Guest Tim Duncan, New Orleans
8:49 min watch


New Orleans Vice President of Athletics & Recreation Tim Duncan joins Pomona-Pitzer (DIII) Director of Athletics Dr. Miriam Merrill for a concise conversation about the challenges of establishing a healthy work-life balance in college athletics. Duncan details the various ways his department is creatively approaching issues of burnout and prioritizing family time, how he models balance for his staff and why it’s important to take time to think and daydream throughout the day.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - 48% of administrators across Division I left the industry during a two-year period following the COVID pandemic compared to 15% of corporate workers and 14% of folks who work in higher ed; what do those figures mean to you as an athletic director?
  • - Are there any creative ways that we can address this mass exodus from the industry?
  • - In what ways are you modeling work-life balance for your staff?
  • - What tips do you have for administrators firing from all cylinders who are looking to instill more balance into their life?
  • - How do you intentionally make time to think, rest or daydream?
  • - What are you reading these days?