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Organizational Leadership Success With South Carolina's Staley

Guest Dawn Staley, South Carolina
52:45 min watch


South Carolina’s Head Women’s Basketball Coach Dawn Staley chats with Washington State Deputy Athletic Director/Chief Operating Officer Bryan Blair for AthleticDirectorU. The pair discuss transitioning to coaching after an elite playing career, building a program, equity, and more.
The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).
  • - How have you progressed and grown as a head coach?
  • - What were the challenges of transitioning from being an elite athlete to coaching?
  • - How do you balance high expectations and accountability with love?
  • - How do you make sure you're surrounding yourself with the right players and staff that will work with you and your system?
  • - How much trust is there among your staff given that you've stayed together for so long?
  • - How do you pull along naysayers that may not be totally bought in at first?
  • - What lessons do you take away from coaching in the Olympics?
  • - How did you build your program from the ground up at South Carolina?
  • - If you were commissioner of college women's basketball what would be your vision?
  • - Thoughts on equity in college basketball?
  • - Do you feel the pressure of being a role model?
  • - Thoughts on social justice?
  • - Any advice for aspiring administrators?



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