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Operational Dynamics Behind Baseball & Softball Programs: UCLA’s Walker & Vanderbilt’s Webb

Guest Kirk Walker, UCLA; Brooks Webb, Vanderbilt; Zach Maurides, Teamworks
21:52 min watch


UCLA Assistant Softball Coach Kirk Walker and Vanderbilt Director of Baseball Operations Brooks Webb sit down with Teamworks Founder & CEO Zach Maurides to chat about the behind the scenes dynamics that contribute to the success of  UCLA softball and Vanderbilt baseball. Walker and Webb touch on their day-to-day responsibilities, managing change, defining success, fostering a competitive culture, and much more.

  • - What is a typical day like within your program? (Walker)
  • - How do you balance all of your work responsibilities and your personal life? (Walker)
  • - What is a typical day like within your program? (Webb)
  • - With the successes of your programs, how do you manage change?
  • - What is unique about the next generation of student-athletes?
  • - How do you help instill and foster the competitive drive of student-athletes?
  • - How do you define success?
  • - What is one piece of advice you would give to another program to help elevate their program?