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Understanding The NCAA Eligibility Center With Felicia Martin

Guest Felicia Martin, NCAA
14:16 min watch


For an in depth look at the Eligibility Center, NCAA Vice President Felicia Martin visits with AthleticDirectorU on a variety of topics, starting her  view of the unit prior to arriving in Indianapolis. Martin also discusses the functionality of her team, reviews recent core curriculum changes, academic fraud trend lines and much more.


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  • - What was your perspective and opinion of the NCAA Eligibility Center prior to joining the organization?
  • - What little things really matter to those on campus?
  • - How would you describe the evolution of the initial eligibility process and what are some of the metrics you use to measure success?
  • - Thoughts on computer science not falling under the math requirement for core curriculum?
  • - Recent trend lines with regard to eligibility
  • - How has the new 10/7 core course framework impacted freshman eligibility?
  • - Do you see any new trends in eligibility fraud?
  • - Do you see any trends in international eligibility?
  • - If the membership’s accepted definition of amateurism changes, what role would the Eligibility Center have in the whole process?
  • - What are some of the key performance metrics your department is evaluated on?
  • - What would you want the membership to know about the Eligibility Center that isn’t readily visible?
  • - Could you have imagined yourself doing this job earlier in your career?