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Curiosity In Leadership: Georgia’s McGarity, Tulane’s Dannen & Winthrop’s Halpin

Guest Greg McGarity, Georgia; Troy Dannen, Tulane; Ken Halpin, Winthrop
28:21 min watch


College athletics executives, Greg McGarity of Georgia, Troy Dannen of Tulane, and Ken Halpin of Winthrop get together for AthleticDirectorU to discuss the benefits of curiosity in leadership. The conversation covers angles from which the trio have experienced a curious mindset benefit their personal and professional lives.


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  • - How have you used curiosity to continue learning throughout your career?
  • - Do you have any examples of exploring something new that may have seemed futile at the moment but ended up paying off later?
  • - How do you get your staff engaged with adapting curiosity and change?
  • - How do you focus on being a lifelong learner in your personal life?
  • - How do you keep your professional network thriving?
  • - Do you have any insight on networking for career growth?
  • - How can you encourage others to reflect on the benefits of curiosity?