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Essential Lessons For Today’s Leaders With Ohio State’s Ross Bjork

Guest Ross Bjork, Ohio State University
11:31 min watch


Incoming Ohio State Senior Vice President and Wolfe Foundation-Eugene Smith Endowed Athletics Director Ross Bjork (Director of Athletics at Texas A&M University at the time of recording) sits down with Allen University (DII) Director of Athletics Jasher Cox at the 2024 NCAA Convention for a conversation about leading during an era of rapid change for the industry. Bjork shares insight into how he navigates and preps for executive communication with external stakeholders as well as internal communication regarding issues such as NIL, the transfer portal and sports betting with senior leaders and head coaches. According to Bjork, the process includes compartmentalizing each step – from initial decision to execution – while maintaining alignment with his personal values and the mission of his institution. Bjork also discusses establishing a “day-to-day” department-wide culture and supporting his staff via frequent touchpoints and professional development opportunities.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Let's talk about your recent press conference - what was your prep and framework heading into that day?
  • - How do you communicate effectively with your senior staff and head coaches about all the changes (NIL, transfer portal) going on in the industry right now?
  • - When it comes to emerging topics like sports betting, what does the education piece look like from your vantage point?
  • - A rental car CEO once said "I take care of my employees, my employees take care of the customers, and that's how profits continue to flourish." How do you incorporate that into the world of Athletics? How do you apply that concept to our world today?