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Building the Future While Embracing the Past: Indiana University's Dolson

Guest Scott Dolson, Indiana University
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Indiana Athletic Director Scott Dolson sat down with AthleticDirctorU’s Aaron Matas to discuss Dolson’s path to the chair in Bloomington. The duo chatted about advantages and disadvantages of staying in one place for so long, Dolson’s push for the Women’s Excellence Initiative, and how IU needs to modernized its game day experiences while still embracing tradition.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Advantages to staying at IU for so long and eventually taking over as athletic director
  • - Disadvantages to not seeing different athletic departments and how others are running things
  • - Anything you hoped to get done, but couldn't until you were in the athletic director position
  • - How new facilities and success of women's basketball program are helping push the Women's Excellence Initiative
  • - Anything you're still getting comfortable with in the AD chair (time management)
  • - Adopting Fred Glass' department priorities and keeping tabs on number 2: being well in mind and body
  • - Having leadership from Commissioner Warren when it comes to helping student athletes with mental health
  • - Lessons learned (good and bad) as a basketball student manager under Bob Knight
  • - Celebrating IU tradition while also modernizing fan experience
  • - Dynamic of having major metropolitan area an hour away and wanting fans that drive an hour to feel at home when they make the trip (embracing tradition)



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