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Building Culture With Patience: San Jose State's Konya

Guest Jeff Konya, San Jose State University
25:04 watch


San Jose State’s Athletic Director Jeff Konya sits down (and stands up) with Steph Garcia for AthleticDirectorU. The two discuss the challenges of building culture at a new school, innovation, rewarding your all-stars, and Konya even flips the script and interviews Garcia about her time as a DI athlete.

NOTE: San Jose State followed all COVID-19 protocols, including maintaining social distance and wearing masks off camera.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What is the secret to developing buy in from day one?
  • - What are the key components to organizational culture?
  • - What does "The Charge" mission statement mean to you?
  • - How do you plan on tapping in to the "family vibe" at SJSU?
  • - Rule of thirds when inheriting an athletic department or organization
  • - How to fight off complacency over time in a successful department?
  • - How do you reach out and work with key stakeholders outside of the athletic department?
  • - How will you navigate working with a new president (eventually)?
  • - What advice would you have for Jeff Konya in his first hours at SJSU knowing what you know now?
  • - Jeff asks Steph what her expectations were of her athletic director during her time as a DI athlete at Virginia.



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